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Local, modern web services by the lake. For local, modern Lake Superior businesses.

We do ONE thing. And we do it WELL.

Every business needs one, WEBSITES! We have been designing websites since they first popped into our lives and there is one thing we know (it keeps us in business actually) is that not all website designs are created equal.

It’s the creativity factor that sets you or your business apart.

Your website design needs to match your unique business workflow and perform the task(s) you want it to do. It should say who you are, what you do, what you want your visitor to do, and then do it! A website designer needs to apply your passion into your website design in a clear, concise, attractive and simple format.

This is what we do.


But First. Here's Some Work.

It's Easy. Here's How We Start.

Step 1

You send us any text, videos, graphics, logo, and ideas you have via email for your new website. We will provide any supporting visuals you need.

Step 2

You receive a mock up design of each page via email, and then you offer feedback. Once approved, we finish the design and optimizes the pages for search engine ranking.

Step 3

The website goes live! You receive a brief introductory ‘cheat’ sheet to enable you to manage the website yourself (if applicable). The site is mobile friendly. And we are here to support you for future website changes.

Extra Services

eCommerce Stores

Let's work together to develop a professional, modern, functional eCommerce website to take your idea, or current business to the next level.

Web Conversion Automation

Want to sit back and let your online business generate income for you? Let's automate your online process by using the latest digital systems.

Let's Get Started.

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